Be the industry standard for full-service and select-service hotel investment and management companies.


Deliver extraordinary service and superior returns to our investors, hotel owners, and employees.


We achieve our vision and mission through the pursuit of our core values.

1. Integrity in Conduct
Our stakeholders depend on Greenwood to act as trusted managers, sponsors, and employers.  Greenwood believes in the highest standards of ethical and respectful conduct, honest communication, and professional integrity.

2. Excellence in Performance
Excellence is not achieved – it is maintained through the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement.  Greenwood maintains a process-driven approach as a fundamental means to optimize results.

3. Cooperation in Action
Greenwood believes in succeeding only through the shared efforts of our stakeholders, both at an individual hotel level and across the company.  The company encourages leadership development at every position and celebrates the successes we achieve together.