Hotel Management


Greenwood has extensive experience in hotel management spanning all geographies, brands, and business cycles. A management engagement with Greenwood means a comprehensive, top-to-bottom service offering. Greenwood will satisfy all management requirements, including staffing, financial reporting, brand relationships, banking, business permits and licenses, and property insurance. Our hotel owners will receive real-time access to performance reports and trends, and have clear goals and metrics to measure results.

Greenwood’s compensation is structured to align the company’s interests with the owners. Greenwood’s size allows it to develop flexible, customized solutions for each property.
The company’s specialists will prepare action plans to address all facets of hotel operations:
  • Operations
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Revenue Management
  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Human Resources
  • Renovation and capital improvement
  • Food and Beverage concept and execution
The start-up processes of a management assignment are critical. To that end we will focus on the following transition priorities:
  • Clarify owner’s objectives
  • Evaluate the hotel’s competitive profile and amenity offerings
  • Analyze supply and demand characteristics of competitors
  • Identify business segments that match the positioning of the hotel
  • Determine appropriateness of organization structure and staffing levels
  • Identify cost savings in staffing, purchasing, and work process efficiencies
  • Develop a customized business plan with appropriate action steps and measurement criteria
  • Assessment of all Food and Beverage activities and functions